Training foreign languages ​​and orientated education for labor export, training foreign languages ​​according to demand of social

Foreign language training and orientation education for laborers going to work overseas is one of the important steps in the process of sending Vietnamese workers to work abroad.

In order to have a high quality workforce that meets the needs of the user, in addition to skilled workers, good sense of discipline, they must have a certain level of proficiency in order to communicate with people. Ability to work as well as daily living in their home country.

Chau Hung Intermediate School offers two types of foreign language training for labor exporters:

1- Training for labor to go: That is, the laborers who have participated in the recruitment examination and are recruited, the laborers will concentrate in school to participate in language learning. The school will classify the selected students into the market to teach the languages ​​such as Japanese, English, Chinese, Russian… Language classes will have native teachers and Vietnamese teachers involved in teaching the workforce

During the Study of Foreign Languages, the workers will learn more about the country and people of the country where they are going to work. Will be introduced to the work he will do and learn about the technical terms of the factory that he is going to work. Workers will be in a dormitory in the school and have physical training as well as industrial style to adapt to the new working environment.

2 / Training for Labor: In order to meet the aspirations of those wishing to study the Pre-English language, the school offers language instruction to enable children to acquire the language they need to communicate with the subject.

* In addition, the school continuously opens language training courses according to the needs of learners such as Japanese, English, Korean…

Students wishing to study in foreign languages ​​are kindly requested to refer to the Enrollment section.

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