Vocational Training for Labor Export, Training on Social Demand

To meet the skill requirements for recruitment orders of foreign partners and partners in the country. The school offers vocational training for laborers from beginner to advanced level at the request of the user.

In order to meet the skill requirements of recruiting workers of the Construction Association of Canada, the school has jointly trained with Sprott Shaw Community College in Canada. The program is taught by the curriculum of Sprott Shaw-Canada School. The school has sent teachers, Canadian experts to Viet Nam to participate in teaching at the school in Viet Nam.

The school organizes the training and improvement of welding skills for laborers. The trainees will be trained and practiced in practice workshops to assure diversified types of equipment, welding machines, welding machines optical one-way, one-way; MAG welding machines; MIG welding; TIG welding … meet the increasing quality requirements of enterprises, establishments using technical personnel specialized welding of shipyards, factories manufacturing automobile parts, mechanical engineering gas…in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates…

Other professions such as: garment, food processing, agriculture, bakery, hotel restaurant, housewife… The industry is always interested by foreign partners. The school opens classes to invite teachers, specialists to teach skills training for workers.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of learners, the school organizes over-the-counter classes to address the changing needs of the labor force in the industrial zone. The school offers training courses for office secretaries, archives; Informatics office… In addition to working time at factories, workshops, workers can attend classes outside the hours of the week or school day Saturday or Sunday.

The school will enroll information upon request for recruitment of foreign partners, enrollment schedule and opening classes are announced on the Admissions.

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