Short-term training for rural workers

Implementing the National Target Program on Training, Chau Hung Company is one of the units selected by the General Department of Vocational Training and DOLISA to implement this program.

In addition to the vocational training program, Chau Hung Vocational School conducts short-term training for rural workers under the national target program of the Government.

– Vocational Training for Rural Workers: Free vocational training for rural workers according to government orders, the State will finance the training to transfer the occupation for rural workers under the program. national target to 2020. The Government grants funding for rural labor to take part in vocational training to shift jobs from agriculture to occupations so that rural workers can meet jobs in public areas…

– In addition to opening training courses at our school, we also organize classes in localities such as: Tien Lu District, An Thi District, Khoai Chau District, My Hao District … to reduce costs and difficulties. back to the workers.

– Training occupations: sewing, electricity, industrial electricity, welding, mechanical…

– Funding: Free for laborers participating in vocational training.

– Classes in localities, schools assign teachers, administrators, transport equipment and materials to practice localities in service of the training of workers is best.

– Post-graduate labor will be issued with a Vocational Certificate and will be introduced to work in factories in industrial zones. Most of the laborers participating in vocational training at the school have good jobs, stable income and are very satisfied by the owner.

– The school is constantly recruiting classes at the School and the localities. For details, see Enrollment.

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