Activities of Training of Chau Hung Joint Stock Company

In order to meet the human resources with high skill and technical skills, serving the needs of domestic and foreign partners, Chau Hung Joint Stock Company has established the Chau Hung Vocational School in accordance with Decision No. 1484 / QD / UBND dated 30 August 2007 by the People’s Committee of Hung Yen Province.

Chau Hung Intermediate Vocational School is invested with modern technical facilities in the area of ​​2.8 hectares in Trung Tac Commune, Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province. The school was built as a complex including: lecture hall, library, computer lab, lab …. The practice area with modern machinery and equipment, boarding houses for 500 students, canteens, physical areas, canteen ….

The establishment of this company, in order to meet the goal of improving “quality” of human resources trained to ensure that employees are trained in both moral and professional quality. Skill meets the needs when integrating into the working environment according to international industrial standards.

To provide domestic and foreign employers with a high level of skilled workforce to serve in key industries. Our field of training is also very diverse:

* Training Intermediate Vocational system includes the following training: Automotive Technology, Civil Engineering, Industrial Electrical, Welding Technology.

* Short-term training, vocational training for rural workers, vocational training as ordered:

– Training courses secretary office, archives; office information….

– Vocational training: Civil and Carpentry Construction, Construction …

– Vocational Training, Welding, Civil Electric, Industrial Electric ….

* Foreign language training and Orientation education for export workers to countries like Japan, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Macau, Russia…

* Short-term foreign language training for learners: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian …

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