Training Intermediate Vocational System

Intermediate level consists of 4 professions: Automotive Technology, Civil Electric, Industrial Electric, Welding Technology.

With advantage, located in Industrial Zone of Hung Yen Province, adjacent to the industrial zones of Hanoi, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh …. At the same time to meet the requirements of foreign partners on manual labor professional and high tech. Chau Hung Intermediate Vocational Training School focuses on training Intermediate Profession includes the following training:

Car technology

Electrical Industry


Welding Technology

Attending school, students have study with civilized environment, experienced teachers, modern facilities, physically trained with industrial style. After the course, students will have many opportunities to choose the right job:

+ Students who wish to improve their skills abroad: The company will provide vocational guidance for students during their study period. They will study foreign languages. The Company will nominate students to attend training courses in Japan. Singapore, Malaysia, Russia … Highly skilled students will have many opportunities to work in a good environment abroad such as shipbuilders, Japanese Automobile Engineering, Automobile Engineering at Green Petecbua – Russian Federation, Petroleum Companies of Canada, USA, Malaysia, Singapore ….

+ Students want to work in Viet Nam: Students will have many opportunities to work in factories in industrial zones. Students will have good working conditions and stable income. Our students are highly skilled and disciplined so they are highly regarded by employers.

+ Students want to transfer: We can advise students to transfer to college, university as desired. In addition, they have the required level of foreign language. We will look for scholarships for students to attending the training courses to improve their skills abroad.

All men and women who have graduated from high school or enriched the culture and good health can enroll at Chau Hung Vocational School. We continue to open classes in September and March each year.

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